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As a parent or caregiver, talk to your child about the jobs they are interested in. Help your child research the different career options or learn about the skills and qualifications required to perform specific jobs. Your child can have a positive impact on their choices.

Career plans for your child

Your child will have to make different decisions at different times. It is essential to talk to your child about their career options from time to time.

Ask them to talk about what other people do. They might be friends or admirers of someone. This could be someone they see in magazines, on the street, or TV. It is also possible to discuss the types of jobs suitable for their skills and aspirations.

Talk to your child about their options.

You must help your child plan their career.

  • listen, don’t judge
  • Please encourage them to be open to new ideas and to explore all of their options
  • Keep in mind that your child should make their own decisions and not be guided by what you think they should do.
  • Remember that not everyone knows what they want, so your child’s career options may change as they age.

Your child’s career plan should be facilitated.

Please encourage your child to research their options once they have some ideas. You can guide them to find out the requirements for a particular career.

You will help them make decisions about their next steps and teach them the essential decision-making skills they need for adult life. They will need to weigh the pros and cons of each option, then decide and put it into practice.

How to help your child’s success in the future

You can encourage your child to consider different options to help them think more clearly.

  • Talk about their future career plans and ideas.
  • Explore different career options
  • Learn about the options for education, training, and employment
  • Discuss ideas with your teachers and career advisers at college or school.
  • Find out more about college and university admission requirements and the requirements for job applications.
  • Participate in clubs and activities both inside and outside school. This will help them be more competitive when applying for jobs or courses.
  • Talk to family and friends about what work they do and how you can learn more about the world of work by gaining work experience and participating in extra-curricular activities.
  • Visit the careers fairs your school organizes

Careers that are important now and in the future

You and your child need to be aware of current and future job opportunities to make a successful career choice.

Many career opportunities exist in Northern Ireland, but more job openings exist in Science, Technology, Engineering, and math.

These areas are significant for the Northern Ireland economy.

  • Business and financial services (including accounting, corporate recovery, financial analysis)
  • ICT skills include database development, software development, system architecture, and internet specialist skills.
  • Agrifood sector (including food scientists, lab technicians, and machine operators)
  • Advanced manufacturing and engineering (CAD skills and CNC machine operatives)
  • Renewable energies and recycling
  • Health and life sciences (biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, biomedical technology, life application technologies, nutriceuticals, and biomedical devices).
  • Creative and digital media
  • Hotels and catering (to increase tourism)
  • Retail
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